Gay Bodybuilders, Like Tomas Masek, Live Here!

Gay Bodybuilders, Like Tomas Masek, Live Here!

Huge Muscle Hunk Tomas Masek

It was a calm day, the wind wasn’t blowing very hard. The afternoon sun came through the window, casting a hard sheen on the floor and turning the window into a one way mirror. The hot muscle hunk outside, stripped to the waist, was trimming the hedges. Sweat gleamed on his sculpted hairy chest. He was 6’1″, about 210 lbs. Short black gay hair in a buzz cut crowned a chiseled face. He worked, not aware that he had a watcher. David trembled in delight as he watched the muscle men sweat and work. David was a nice 5’11”, 160 lb and handsome men looking.

Dark hair cascaded down his head, reaching halfway to a taut, slender hairy gay ass. His green eyes flashed in the sunlight. He was wearing a simple pair of jeans and a gay tee shirt, underneath, a skimpy pink pair of underwear. He walked slowly to the back door, swinging it open. His parents had left for the weekend, and he was here to babysit the house, not that it needed much. “Hey, you look thirsty, need a drink?” David asked. The gardener turned, eyeing the sexy gay hunk, trying to disguise a growing gay hard on in his pants. The boy was beautiful, and redheads seemed so rare. He could imagine running his fingers thru that hair and kissing down his muscular gay body, his supple hands caressing his small shapely butt. “Umm, sure, thanks,” he replied, waving. He walked inside as David held the door open. “I never got your name,” he said. “Tomas”

He handed Tomas a beer, then sat on the couch. Tomas kept sneaking glances at him, out of the corner of his eye. David was quite horny, having drank quite a few beers. “Be right back,” he said, smiling. He walked to the bathroom, leaving Tomas sitting on a barstool. Closing and locking the door, he stripped to the men’s underwear, quickly put on lipstick, and snapped the bolt open. He eased around the corner, peeking in the dining room. Tomas still sat there, unaware he was being watched. David walked into the kitchen, and Tomas turned at the sound of the approach. His mouth dropped and he let out a low moan. David could see his cock tenting his jeans. He walked over, unzipping Tomas’s jeans. The man did not protest, and soon he had a hard cock in his hot, wet mouth. Tomas moaned, as David licked up and down his shaft, kissing the head and fingering his hairy boy’s balls.

“You’re so beautiful,” Tomas moaned. David leaned back on the couch, spreading his legs, slipping a finger in his mouth. Tomas leaned against him, the wet cock touching his tender butt through the underwear for men. Taking the finnger out of his mouth, they kissed slowly and deeply. Tomas slid one calloused finger down David’s ass, slipping the underwear aside. “You want me to make you my girl?,” He asked softly. “Yes, please,” David said, his big gay dick pushing against the smooth underwear. Tomas slowly eased his throbbing cock inside David’s smooth hot hole.

David gasped softly, and then began to moan as Tomas slid inside him. Pressed against the couch, with his legs spread wide, David felt his hole stretching as Tomas filled him up. Sliding in and out slowly, moaning, his balls slapping against David’s smooth ass, Tomas made noises of satisfaction. David was whimpering and moaning at the excitement from being made this hot stud’s slut. Being filled up was extremely pleasurable. Finally with a moaning shudder, Tomas shot deep inside David’s butt. They held each other for awhile, kissing.



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