Hot Muscle Hunk Sean Dexter

Hot Muscle Hunk Sean Dexter

Sexy Gay Hunk Sean Dexter Having Hot Gay Sex

I have known Rob was gay since last year. He came out when we were in college. I told him I was gay, and that I liked him. We became friends.

The next summer, Rob moved right next door to me. We were both so happy. I invited him over to my house. He knew what I wanted to do, and he was willing.

He walked in my front door. We kissed. It was our first. Our lips touched, and then our tongues did. Mine danced around his, brushing up over his teeth.

We made out for at least 10 minutes, and we were both out of breath by the end. We both were now very erect. Rob looked so great in a turtleneck sweater and tight jeans. He looked gay, and I liked that.

“You look so hot” I said as I reached down and touched his hot muscle gay ass.

“You’re always hot”, he replied. I had my shirt off, revealing my gay muscles. I was built “tall and sturdy” you might say. Rob was tall and muscular men, his body completely hairless, except around his big gay dick.

“Let’s go get in my bed.”

We climbed in. I kissed Rob again. I felt his hand reach down my soccer shorts. He stroked my gay penis.

“You’re cock is huge” he breathed.

“Want to suck it?”

That got him moving. He got up and ripped my shorts off. My 7″ cock stood upright, harder than ever. Rob put his mouth around it. His tongue wrapped around it, and licked it, His warm saliva lubricating it.

I moaned “suck me ROB, suck me”. It felt a million times better than jacking.

After a few minutes, my penis started to throb. I was sweating, and my heart was racing. I moaned as I cummed into his mouth.

I expected him to swallow it. Instead, he spit it out over my hairy chest. He licked it up, tickling my hairy gay chest. He then moved his tongue around my gay hard nipples.

“Rob, that was great.” I kissed him, with great passion. I was on top of him. I lifted his turtleneck off him and licked his chest. I then unzipped his pants, and pulled out his cock. It was smaller than mine, but so thick.

I put it in my mouth, and sucked it. The penis itself tasted great. ROB took only a few minutes to throb.

“Keep sucking. That feels so good.” He moaned loudly.

He cummed after a few minutes. I held his cum in my mouth and kissed ROB. We swapped the cum a few times, and then I swallowed it.

“I need a break” he said. He laid there, next to me.

I reached down and touched his hairy boy’s balls. I played with them for a while.

“I love you ROB. Love you so much”

“I love you too.”

We lay there for a few minutes. I looked dreamily into his eyes.

“I want to fuck you” he said.

I lied on my stomach, sticking my ass in to the air. He reached his finger up my anus and tickled me.

“Now do it with your cock”

He thrust his cock up there. At first, it hurt, but then it felt great. He thrust it up. We both moaned.

“Fuck me, fuck me good”

His cock tickled me as he throbbed. I felt his warm cum eject into my ass. Rob took his cock out, and sucked the cum out.

“Fuck me” he breathed. “Just thrust it up and fuck”

I did just that. I thrusted and twisted, his ass hairs tickling my cock. I moaned.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard”

I got rougher. I liked it, and so did Rob. I throbbed hard gay, both of us moaning. I reached down a grabbed Rob’s balls with one hand, and stroked his cock with the other. I felt myself ejaculate. I licked his hard ass cheeks, and then I stuck my tongue up his ass, licking the cum out.

“Did you like it?”

“Oh yes”

We kissed again. I told him I loved him.

“I love you too”

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