Nude Muscle Hunk Sean Dexter

Nude Muscle Hunk Sean Dexter

Hot Gay Muscle Hunk Sean Dexter Jacking off His Big Gay Dick

Sean had known his best friend Brandon since they started school together. The lads are now totally inseparable and spend as much time as possible together. Brandon knew that he had serious feelings, both emotional and sexual, for Sean but hadn’t dared tell him. He was frightened that Sean didn’t feel for him the same way, and would dump him if he said anything.…

It was the school holidays and the sun was gleaming down pushing the temp well over 100 degrees. Brandon arrived at Sean’s house and said “Hey dude.” Sean smiled and said “Hey dude,” back, “it’s well hot today mate!” “Yeah, why don’t we hit the beach?” Brandon asked. “Cool.” Sean said and ran into the house, grabbed a towel, and ran back out.

The lads arrived at the packed out beach full of families with kids screaming. Brandon said “Let’s sit over there” pointing beyond the pier where it was rockier and always much quieter, often deserted. The lads walked over to the pier went under and lay their towels out behind a rock that hid them from the others on the beach. Sean stood up and took off his gay tee shirt exposing his smooth hot muscle gay six packed and hairy chest to his best mate. Brandon smiled and took off his own t shirt and lay down next to him.

Sean lowered himself down and lay facing Brandon, propping himself up on one elbow. He stared into Brandon’s eyes smiling sweetly, “You O.K. mate?” he asked softly as he began to stroke the soft hairs on his own taut belly, and his eyes traveled to Sean’s crotch. Brandon looked at Sean, and could feel his cock begin to tent his shorts. Looking down he could see that Sean was in the same condition! He couldn’t stand it any longer, it was now or never and slowly he moved his lips towards Sean’s.

Sean held his shoulders and stopped him inches away from his lips, he looked deep into his eyes. “Are you sure about this?” he asked huskily. “I’ve never been surer of anything in my life! I think I’ve loved you since the day we met in the schoolyard when we were 5!” Brandon replied, He gently removed Sean’s hands, held them in his own as he pushed his hot lips against Sean’s and kissed him passionately, locking tongues. Brandon ran his hand down Sean’s smooth chest and started to play with his gay hard nipple. Sean moaned “Oooooooohhhhhhh” into Brandon’s mouth as he ran his thumb back and forth, and then pinched it as it slowly became erect. He leaned down and licked it, nibbling gently breathing in the special scent of Sean’s muscular gay body.

Brandon moved his sexy lips back to Sean’s delicious mouth which opened wide to accept his questing tongue. Sean was totally taken aback at the passion in Brandon’s sexy long lingering kisses. He’d wanted this moment for so long too, what they had missed! They kissed with urgency, passion, love, their muscular gay bodies glued to one another. Eventually they realized where they were, on a public beach! They stopped kissing but still held onto each other eyes locked together in wonderment, awe, they didn’t need to speak. They both knew that this was destiny! The day was so hot they soon dozed off, secure in each other’s arms.

The lads woke up a little later to see that the beach was now totally deserted. Brandon stood up and pulled off his shorts exposing his sexy tight ass to Sean and said “Come on last one in his a sissy!” Sean pulled his shorts off and chased after his sexy naked mate. The lads played in the water Brandon ducked Sean and Sean ducked Brandon, occasionally their hands would brush each other’s half hard gay dicks, but they were both a little shy regarding hardcore gay sex, but they both knew that it would happen, sooner rather than later. The lads came out of the water Brandon dropped to the hard wet sand at the water’s edge pulling Sean down by him and they sat arms around each other’s gay muscle shoulders, watching as the sun started to go down, turning the sky deep orange then purple. Brandon pushed his lips against Sean’s and the lads kissed each other as the sun set on the horizon.

A perfect day came to the end.

Sean wondered what would happen to top the day he had had today

Well we have to see……………..

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